"God Moves in Mysterious Ways"

mis-tuh-ree, -tree] Show IPA
noun, plural -ter·ies.
1. anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown: the mysteries of nature.
2. any affair, thing, or person that presents features or qualities so obscure as to arouse curiosity or speculation

So when a mother points to me and says to her child, "there honey, that's what a witch looks like." All I can say is, God moves in mysterious ways!

Mysterious is the only word I can fall upon to explain this path that I am on. Stepping out of my comfort zones into a new and foriegn world because I believe I am following god's calling on my life.

God: not a man in the clouds with a white beard, not the "Christian God" not the "Muslim God" but my god, the divine energy that connects us all to eachother, the god that gives me breath, the god that is the science of our existence, the god whose energy I feel real when I seek it, the god who lines up things in synchrony, so that when we follow our principles good things happen to us.... that's the god I'm referring to.

When a healthy man, father of two young boys, husband, farmer and generally a good man all round tells me he had a massive heartache and it was nothing like what he thought it would be, nothing like what you see on t.v, that it took 6 hours for them to even figure out in Emergency that he was even having it, that when they flew him to Edmonton he actually died there in the hospital and was gone for 3 minutes and I ask him about how that experience effected his sense of theology and spirituality and he says to me he really doesnt know anymore.... he saw no white light, no angels, no out of body experience only darkness...

My response to him can only be, that if we say god moves in mysterious ways than why do we niavely expect ourselves to understand the ways in which god manifests in our lives? Why do we put god in a box and say, you can only do things we are comfortable with and only what we expect for you to do?

His story moved me and I told him so and thanked him for sharing with me. I validated his sons experience, for he sat there intently listening to his father recount his experience with death. He saw nothing but experienced only darkness. He was revived with no damage and is a miracle in himself.

god moves in mysterious ways... but when god does, we have such a hard time accepting that.


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