temperature rising

It is a guarantee that when you are working diligently to bring movement in your life... you will experience set backs, and the more intent you are in implementing change the more you will be challenged to do so.

I'm most definitely working hard at keeping my emotions and my thoughts in check as we begin to ready ourselves for the selling of our house and a big move back to my homeland.... It's huge change and unsurprisingly everything that could rise up to challenge me is doing so.

So, as the temperature of change is rising... movement is in the air! It is no doubt a spirtual battle to keep myself in check! I shall not doubt myself and my intentions, I shall not get sucked into drama, I will obstain from energies that do not serve my greater good, I shall keep my eyes on the prize and not altar my course nor my intentions just because something challenging arises! I shall overcome and perservere!

I shall, "dig deep, push through, and fight if necessary" for the movement necessary in my life!

We shall walk in victory, though the battle still rages!



  1. Keep pushing! Keep digging! you will get to amazing place :)

  2. I was just contemplating a similar experience as I work change in my world. Why does spirit send us challenges?

    My conclusion was that there are two types of challenges. Ones that test your own choices, once overcome these challenges empower us. The other challenges fall under Spirit warning us. Those challenges come from all directions and take on many different desperate forms.

    Knowing the difference between the two is a way to stay away from drama and walk through the change with your inner knowing confident that the right choice is being made.

    I am saddened to see you moving away. You were a positive influence on this community. Your energy will for sure be missed. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

    Keep writing your finger is on the pulse and always lends thought to my world. Thank you.

  3. Thank you both!! Arial have we met? I'll be at the love and light show in GP, feb 1&2 @ the holiday inn. Would like to meet you

  4. Yes, I am brandy. You did a stone reading for me at the Street performers and then I seen you again at the spiritual market in the summer. I was going to join the Red tent, but then felt it was not my path at this time. You would know me to see me.


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