"Love and Light"

"Love and Light" can be dangerous things when they replace the importance of "Truth and Shadow." We wrap things up in "love and light" and smile and hug and let by gones be by gones... but leave the darkness and the truth undisclosed. The danger is when there is no balance between the two, when we desire only the highs of "love and light" when we surround ourselves with only the people who admire the love and light about ourselves, when we cloak ourselves with "love and light" to portray that we have it all together and when we try to see the world as we wish it was, full of love and light... we do ourselves a great danger...
We have a responsibility to create balance in our lives so that when we stand in our "Love and Light" we do so because we have done the work to be there. Then we can stand in true humbleness and in true power and say, "we were weak, but now we are strong. I was broken but now I am whole."
When we deny one for the other we are unbalanced and we are dangerous... for there's no respect for the fiercenss of a sword that has never left its sheath. "Love and Light" cannot be truly trusted if they have not been won through the testing of "Truth and Shadow."

There is a spiritual battle that rages... to keep us from our full awareness, to keep us enslaved to the program, to limit us and keep us restrained, to keep us from our full power. As long as we are distracted by "Love and Light" we don't do the deep and dirty work of cleaning out our dark cubbies, of going into our shadows and facing our demons... our society teaches us to "be afraid of the dark"  We sleep with night lights and soothers... we obstain from heavy labour and too quickly lay down our weapons in the name of "Love and Light."

For in the darkness our monsters feed and grow and in the shadows our wounds fester and bubble and if we do not find the courage to go there honestly, "Love and Light" become illusions and most certainly the beasts follow us there, waiting to be unleashed to cause havoc in our lives...  and that's when we become a danger to ourselves and to those we love, when the facade of "work done" crumbles... and perfect love and trust are damaged.

My work is in the shadows, I delve into those dark places and I stand there facing my fears, overcoming my anxieties, and I claim that space until there are no more demons, until there are no more hauntings, until there is no more insecurity or inhibition... I choose to go boldly down into the Underworld of my soul and see truthfully what is there to be conqoured. I choose to walk through the valleys so that when I stand on the Mountains' top, and I do, I will stand truly free, having done the work and I will claim my space there as my reward and I will radiate "love and light."

"yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I shall fear no evil."



  1. What an awesome post Krista. I couldn't agree more with all that you said. We are a society so busy running towards the light thinking that we are getting away from our shadows, that we don't even realize that with each step we take forward the light moves back. Until we bring the light into the darkness we will always be chasing something outside ourselves.

    Thank you so much for writing today what I most needed to hear.



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