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On Self Love and Compassion with Dr. Gabor Mate

Self Love is big talk, easier said than done for most all of us who have learned through environment that by all means Attachment is a primary need that overcomes and is more important than the need for Authenticity.

Sitting with Dr. Gabor Mate for two days, attending his Compassionate Inquiry Conference in Vancouver last week, blew open my heart and my mind when it comes to understanding what "Self Love" really means.

Timely fitting with the month of love, how much easier is it to show love and compassion to others than to ourselves? One woman spoke to him of how difficult it was for her to justify a reward at the end of the week. One simple glass of wine triggered so much stress and grief for her that she was feeling shame and guilt for needing to justify it. After compassionate inquiry Dr. Mate was able to show her that it was not the reward that was the issue, but the feelings of abandonment, stress and anxiety that she had experienced her whole life, having to survive and…

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