buying a house, a rant

When we sold our house in Alberta, we knew what we needed to walk away with, we knew our bottom line and it was NOT what our real estate agent thought it should be, which thus made her very unmotivated to try and find us a buyer; she failed to accomplish the few sales tasks she had ensured us she would do and after much too long on the market with few viewings, I told her I would sell the house myself and that we would no longer be requiring her services. She had a buyer within two days and we walked away with the money we needed to buy our next house.

Three years later, after a huge financial reset/recovery, we are now shopping for our second house, this time on Salt Spring Is. (SSI) British Columbia. Now we realize this sounds quite luxurious, property value is through the roof, and it is truly reflected in the prices we are seeing. Undoubtedly, this will probably be the biggest decision/investment we may ever make in our lives, considering the questionable economy and the future need to be as self sufficient as possible... we are practicing great diligence in making the best choice for us and our family. (note: I did not say "the right choice" because that puts on enormous unnecessary pressure that we don't need to add to it all right now.)

It's hard not to rush on what appears to be a good deal, or to jump on the house that most seemingly meets all our requirements, the best advice ever given us is this "don't make an emotional buy." It's a bit harder than it sounds, when you're a die hard romantic gypsy like myself, but none the less, I am excercising great discipline in the emotional arena of my judgement processing. The house we buy has to make sense more than just feel good, it has to pass all the inspections, it has to come within our price range, it has to be in the right area to make sense for children developing their independant travel arrangements and so forth... the fact that the Master Bedroom has a killer en suite with a stain glass window OMG!!! with a claw foot tub!!!! cannot hold more weight than the need for a major kitchen renovation. Alas, I am quickly become shrewder!!

This is what we are looking for, I know she is out there waiting for us to find her! You are four bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, you are window over the kitchen sink that does not look out at a stone wall, you're heart is a kick ass wood stove that heats all of you, you have wood floors in any condition, and a studio I can create in, an office to manage our lives in, a workshop/woodshed, with room for chicken and our dog Thistle. You don't need a new roof, septic or carpet removal nor do you require me to soak and peel off 1980's wallpaper. You are ready to meet us and you are going to love how we take care of you, give you a new hairstyle and upgrade your wardrobe. You are going to be the next love of our lives and we look forward to meeting you, Sincerely Works from home, Mother of Two.

Krista "walls I can paint, build a new deck I cannot" 

All of my writings here are unrehearsed rants, ad lib, ad true self, ad me.


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