greatness is brewing!

It's beginning to feel like a great event is soon approaching... and I'm bustling about making to do lists and doing stuff... in its preparations! Spring is coming!!

There is lots going on in my mind these warming days, I'm half outside, half in. The daily buzz is;
eating well and taking vitamins, sowing seeds and pulling weeds, driving teens and deeply listening... what's for supper and sweep the floor. But under that buzz, under the first blooms of fruit trees and doing the recycling, a deeper hum is thickening. I can feel it in my layers; layers of "this is who I am" and "this is who I am not." Lying much lower in my underbelly, bubbles are forming and I can feel greatness is brewing.

Mother Earth delivers, through the ring of fire into waters breaking, and new sounds are heard for the first time! My new laughter, my new song, my new chapter, I am stepping right along. Unashamed, unabashed, unapologetic I step out from the Shadows and into the Light, not all figured out but ready to move forward. Absolutely!

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