come what may

Storm coming, we saw 
the signs like the
experienced earth dwellers  we are:
 winds are high, branches are cracking and crashing, the rain has stopped, an eerie whoosh tosses top heavy firs and we know the storm is arriving! Batten up the hatches we shift into "Go Mode"
. Delegated tasks:fill the water containers, phones charging, wood gathering, propane tanks checked, board games chosen, oil lamps filled and candles at the ready... it is exciting.

like a tom waits song on acid and turned up to ten She came.... while god was sleeping. Whoosh, spin, leaving me a bit dizzy... Shaz blew in like a tornado and rattled us from our complacency and procrastination. Stuff went everywhere and the power went out, just like we knew it would and we were ready so we were not rattled, we were no victim,  we were solid and weathered out the storm in good form. Love in our hearts, open and sure, come what may, we shall continue to stand strong despite the storms.
Come what may, we will be found ready.


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