Modern Priesthood

                                                      image by Joanna Powell Colbert

Modern Priesthood, by Krista Thornhill Stel 

Every generation must find their leaders, their healers, their gurus... their champions of truth…

It is our generations responsibility to recognize our gurus, our healers, our priests and priestesses... for it is these people among us that are our true leaders. The Ones that will help us step out of our woundedness and into our wholeness; as individuals, families,communities and countries. We must find them, identify them protect them and care for them like ancient civilizations did, we too must treasure our modern shamans, for theirs is journey not many will join. 

They are the dream weavers, the pathfinders, the sojourners... the gurus, the magi, they will be the ones surrendering to their authentic selves and standing in their truth, Come What May they that shall point the way to healing, that will guide us through these challenging seas of change, it is those answering their calls to Priesthood that now are struggling the hardest to overcome their own story and to stand ready to answer the call.... for it is most definitely the 'road less travelled',  "higher road" the cross to bare, the sacrifice of self 

Outside the box of religion you will find us struggling... for we are beyond religious constructs, rules and obligations. We are the free spirits that answer to no institution, no dictating confines, no denominations…we answer the call to priesthood,because to do anything else would be to deny ourselves. NO, we are the ones guided by Love, and our discipline: Love under Will. 

We are real medicine for the soul.we are the upholders of truth, we are the Space Holders for justice, we are the Guardians of Healing, the voices of wisdom in the dark place and the sword bearers for truth, when no ones else has the courage, there you shall find us. Unafraid of the shadows, walking through the Valleys. We create and hold safe space for the human soul to connect with Spirit; to find healing, wholeness and joy within themselves. We are called to create and hold this sacred space, so that others may feel safe enough to let down their guard, if just for a little while, and allow themselves to heal and truly relax. In that complete surrender, where inner peace is found, we are the guides.

The call to this Vocation is no easy path; we are the ones wrestling with the truth, we are the ones fighting it with tooth and with nail, trying to change it but succumbing to its powers.
We are the ones that will tell you the truth, even when you don't want to hear it. We are the ones who will tell you anyways... and we are the ones who don't tell you because we are bound by love to be responsible for what we say, for ourselves and also for you, some lessons we need to choose no matter how hard or repetitive they can be. We are the ones that wait open hearted to be there for you without judgement when you come back to us... because those of us called to this vocation cannot run from our own truths, they haunt us until we surrender., battling our ego we don’t do well with praise or attention but are open, very open to being loved in return for the gift we give by answering this call, this call to ourselves, the call to be authentic and show up as the healers we recognize ourselves to be. 

Many of us have fought hard to deny it, (many still are) and have tried to lose ourselves in drugs and alcohol, in excuses and blaming, in deflection of responsibility, in accepting mediocrity and drowning ourselves in the wishes of others... This is no easy task to take on: the path of accountability, of self-introspection and analysis, a commitment to personal growth and development, a humbling to self healing and self love, all with a responsibility to persevere at all costs, to honour first and always the divine energy/spirit within ourselves, to take care of and to protect our physical body and to tend to and nurture the relationships with have been gifted with by family and friends. 

As a result of these choices we know and accept that we will be ostracized, misunderstood, upheld on pedestals and claimed untouchable by most. Unknowingly we will shed light on things that were wished to remain hidden, we’ll make some people uncomfortable even in our silence, though we make no declaration, we represent something that people are without and in that space, people feel their shame, their guilt, their fears, their insecurities… and we will learn to be more and more aware of our impact on others and we will become more choosey about who we share time with. We will in return create our own boundaries, because we will have to take care of ourselves first. As empaths, we will learn about energies and how much we can handle, how much we can withstand. As sensitive souls we will seek only positive speech to converse with, we will seek the likeminded for stimulating conversation and will avoid the drunk, the numb and the unconscious… for our time will be waisted and love for self will prevail over the needs of others. especially of those yet to wake up. 

We are the waker-uppers, the gentle or the harsh wake up call that snaps you into consciousness. We are the Shepherds, the prophets the wise ones… see us, recognize us, and know that we are here… ever waiting, ever loving, ever holding space

Priests and priestesses, We will be the ones silently holding space for wounded hearts to heal, taking the hard road, surrendering to our calling, fulfilling the dream… that authenticity leads to abundance, not in riches but in sustenance. For the only other way is to succumb to darkness, squander our gifts, and live in the fear of our brightness becoming one with our bandages, loss of purpose, depressed, suppressed, and truly alone.


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