Healing on the Journey

"Healing can only begin when you stop blaming everyone else. To face the light you must step out of your darkness, away from your excuses and stand naked before the world and accept yourself for exactly who you are; the good, the bad and the ugly. And only when you chose to love yourself in your most vulnerable moment of weakness, will you ever feel truly loved, and then and only then healing begins." IAR This is the month for me to really focus on healing. The Universe has given me an amazing opportunity to try EMRD Therapy to help me heal from recent trauma and I'm taking it! And as I'm getting ready to start, I'm realizing the depths to which this therapy will impact my life, as there's been more trauma than I realized. This month is all about crossing thresholds, going into the unknown places, allowing ourselves to die to old ways, to old coping mechanisms, and to old crutches so that we can truly be open to experiencing our true potential. This is the month to really acknowledge what needs to die in in our lives, to really harness the energy of the Season... and I'm realizing I had more to let go of than I thought.... and that excites me!! Moving forward and lightening the load! Which means I can run and not be weary! Blessings on your journey! www.earthbasedspirit.com


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