the Ability to Recieve Blessings

We say we want change, we say we want to be blessed, we say we want abundance and yet when small offerings of love and support are given we resist and struggle, the Ego says, "it will make me look weak. it will make me feel less than. it will say to the world that I am not enough on my own" This is especially difficult for men... for who providing is an essential need for a sense of well being.
But how else can God bless us if we resist the humility of spirit to recieve them?
There's been many a Christmas Season where I have counted on the Church Hampers and was so greatful for the gifts within them. The last hamper we were blessed with was from our United Church community in Airdrie, and I even argued with my dear friend Rev. Dave Pollard, insisting we did not need it! He said, every family starting out in this province needs love and support and he told me to allow myself to blessed! That the congregation wanted to bless us! How could I refuse?
In truth, it was a beautiful offering of love and support that took the edge off of the holiday stress and we all felt very very blessed!
Now four years later, I am taking great joy in being able to give, and what a beautiful blessing that is for me to embrace... the circle of giving and recieving is a beautiful and humbling one that opens us up to more and more abundance.
So if you find yourself this season on the recieving end of things.... open your heart to the gift of being blessed... so that in turn, you too may bless others! for everything there is season.
And remember, Ego has nothing to do with it!
May you always know the Light in the Darkness! Blessings for a great years end!


  1. Powerful words Krista and very timely :-) Thank you for sharing this.

    During a recent abundance mediation challenge I had numerous examples of this show up in my life. Me judging how gifts should appear in my life and essentially blocking the giver from the gift of giving them to me. It was quite an eye opener. I'm still mulling it over honestly.

    I think about how many times I have brushed off a thank you or a compliment - my ego/martyr self telling me to sluff it off. I bet if we really paid attention there are literally hundreds, maybe more gifts showered in our direction on a daily basis that we block for the most part unconsciously. Great food for thought as we venture towards the end of an epic year's cycle and move into a new era of being.




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