Rising Up

Today I join One Billion Rising to promote awareness of the Global Crisis of Violence Against Women... and I knew this day was coming, and that one day I too, would have to stand. Stand in honor of my own healing, Stand for the freedom in which I want my daughters to live in, Stand for the rights of all humanity to live free of violence and abuse.

I was raped.

Three of the hardest words I have ever had to say out loud. I hear it over and over in my head as I move through the healing process of that experience... but to say it out loud... not so easy.

So when I first saw the posts for One Billion Rising, something inside of me instantly rose up! "YES!!" My Spirit shouted, "YES"

It's one thing to do the healing work but its a completely other process to stand and walk in our healing. And it was as if my Spirit knew, that this was exactly what I needed. To now stand, rise and dance in honor of my healing! To actively take back my body, to reclaim it and to be proud of it!

The offence I experienced happened 16 years ago and it took my virginity. From that moment until two years ago, I lived in complete denial of its happening. I felt shame and guilt and honestly, I was embarrassed... feeling like I should have known better, that it was my fault, that I misled the guy... that it "wasnt' as bad as what it was", that I was asking for it.... etc... etc...

After regressional therapy last Fall, I was able to go back to that moment and shed light and clarity on the incident and I began the healing process of acceptance and forgiveness.... Forgiving myself!

And so in honor of Myself!! Today I strike, I rise, and I dance for Freedom!!



  1. Sooooooo much love to you sister! Rise up!
    Love u!


  2. What beauty there is in healing. I have come through some of the healing process and continue to heal from childhood rape and another rape at 20 years of age. I applaud your dance for Freedom!

    Much love from Airdrie,


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