Gentle Blessings: the passing of a saint

For the rest of my life I shall be pondering over the many lessons that my relationship with my grandmother gave me... ours was a communion that few experience. She was my soul mother, my rock, my constant support, my greatest fan... the love of my life!
Her gentle spirit and loving nature was an example to all of  Love manifested in the world.... and when I came to her bedside, she placed her hand on my face and whispered gentle blessings upon me. "You will always be my little girl."
For three full days I cradled myself into her side, kissed her sunken face and washed her hair with my tears... not of sadness but of a heart overflowing with gratitude.
I was there, because she waited for me, I was there because I had a job to do... I massaged her feet and held her hands in mine and when alone I asked her... Nan, are you ready to go home? "yup" She whispered as she drew in a breathe... focus on my voice I said... and I began to sing. What came out of my mouth, was not earthly words, but a language even I did not recognize. It was as if Angels were singing through me in a tongue that only the heavens could understand and it was beautiful beyond description. She slept peacefully that night and in the morning, as the sun burst through the window, I crawled into bed with her one last time. I wrapped my arms around her, my cheek pressed against hers, I whispered loving encouragement as I felt her heart beat slow and her breath relax. And in her last moment she opened her eyes wide, I fixed my eyes on hers and watched her spirit leave.... there was only one second that I felt a pang of fear... when I took my eyes from hers and saw her fallen tongue... but instantly I did not go there and lifted my gaze back... there in that moment I saw what peace looks like. Not looking at the circumstance, but keeping my eyes on the prize, on Jesus, Nan would say.... like Peter stepping out of the boat, there was no fear but sweet surrender, together we were walking on the water. Her eyelids closed and her heart drew still... her gentle spirit went as she had lived, with grace and ease.
And I shall be forever blessed by the woman who called me hers, I shall forever be her little girl and she shall be forever mine.


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