Belong to Yourself

I am appreciating the distance from urbanity... where the quiet is still and peaceful. When I sit by the fire and watch the flames dance... I lose myself in the moment. My thoughts wander like a child distracted and my body holds its spot, wrapped up in cloaks and capes maintaining heat. I wish it could last forever... but even the fire burns out, the bath grows cold, the bed uncomfortable... the womb too small to hold me.
With the consistency of life, death and re-birth... taking the time to be LONG in the moment, treasuring every element, every detail, allowing yourself the opportunity to truly be present... therein lies a sense of true fulfillment. There in that space, you allow yourself the chance to catch up with yourself... the ultimate feeling is that of actually "belonging".... not to a group of people, or a culture, or a situation... but to yourself! Be Long to Yourself!
Blessings today and for always!


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