Solstice Sombering

Inspired by Brone Brown and thanks to David for sharing it with me: what would be the one word you would use to describe 2010 and why? and what word would you like to be able to look back and give to 2011.

Surrender is my word.

Niamh turning 12 and getting further away from my apron strings was and continues to be a lesson in surrender for me. She is turning into such a beautiful young woman in whom I am spilling over with pride for, but she is coming into her own mind and her own sense of who she is and I am no longer the one controlling our relationship.

Breaking my wrist and loosing three months of my independance and driving energy was a hard blow to my ego, being dependant on Gerald for so much and feeling useless was an act of surrender. Also I was unable to continue teaching my class which was very disappointing and it being unfinished has been like a thorn in my side. But I have been learning about what it means to 'recover'.

Having a misscarriage was most definitely the hardest act of surrender... that was when I truly raised the white flag and threw myself prostrate on the ground and said, "I surrender All!"

I hadn't thought that having 'control' was so important to me, nor would I have ever referred to myself as a control freak needing a lesson in letting go. But when you open your heart for God to work on you, you are shown things that you never would have seen yourself.

I had to let go of the progress I was making with teaching my class, I have to let go of my Daughter and allow her independance, I had to let go of a very wanted little person and I have had to let go of my need to control everything in my world. Thank God the year is almost over!!

So my word for 2011 is: MOVEMENT!

I have never been more excited and happy about a new year! 2011 will be the year for movement for me and my family. Gerald is working for a new company that is putting him through the training he needs to move foward with his carreer. I will start teaching my classes again and promoting my work with One Tent One Culture and the girls will be busy enjoying the benefits of happy and prospering parents.

2011 has all the promise and hope of a year of Movement for us All!! Time to let go of all the things that we have been struggling with throughout the year, time to surrender all and let this new year move us forward in our lives!

many blessings to you at this time!



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