Masturbation Part 2

Temple and Sanctuary: Into the Holy of Holies.
The Ritual of Self Connection

Masturbation is the ultimate act of self love. For if we cannot love ourselves enough to touch and bring pleasure to ourselves how can we expect anyone else to lovingly touch us? The word itself, Masturbation comes with such shameful connotations, and the act is so frowned upon and condemned by Christian Western World thinking. The root words for masturbation come from Latin masturbārī, derived from manus which means “hand” and stuprāre which means “to defile”. No wonder we feel so dirty when we speak the word. I propose that it’s time for a new word to describe the act of self love!

I teach in my Practical Spirituality class that God would not have made our hands and arms long enough if we were not meant to touch ourselves. I teach my daughters that they should touch themselves; they should learn how their bodies work, I am teaching myself to love my body and to love learning how it works.

The bible teaches us that we are the temples of the Holy Spirit, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Yet, the stain of sin has perverted the very blueprint of Gods design for us. If we were created in the image of god then why do we hold such distain for such a wondrous image and deny ourselves the God given ability to feel pleasure. Why do we adopt these beliefs that we do not deserve to feel pleasure? Why have we damned ourselves with the one thing that brings us the most liberation?

It reminds me of the witch hunts, and the symbolism of the broom stick. It never was meant to imply that women could fly, it symbolized women being able to bring sexual pleasure to themselves, it symbolized women’s’ independence from men, bashing all the patriarchal views that women were completely dependent on men. I like to think of masturbation as mandatory expression of my idependance as a woman.

Think about a temple, envision a temple. What does your temple look like?Are there many hallways, have you explored the nooks and crannies of your temple. Do you know where everything is and how everything works? Can you give someone else clear directions? Or do they wander lost through your hallways? Do you lie in wait hoping that they will find the sanctuary so they can confirm for you that indeed you do have one?

Who rings the bells, burns the incense, lights the candles? Who leads the worship? Are you the priest? Or are you looking for someone else to be the priest of your temple?

How can we expect someone to know how our bodies work if we have not been diligent enough to know for ourselves? No wonder we are so lost and unsatisfied in our sexual encounters. We don’t know where anything is, or how it works, or how to take someone else into the Holy of Holies.
How can we expect anyone else to love us, to love our bodies if we ourselves don’t want to touch our bodies? Why would anyone else want to?

Its our responsibility, to know how our instrument works in order for us to be able to make great music. Its our responsibility to ourselves, to our parnters, to our children: to be self-possessed and in charge of our own bodies.

If we are looking for love, than we must fill ourselves with love in order to attract love. And who better to love us than ourselves? Love yourself! Love your Body! Love touching your Body!
Make the time to know yourself and how your body works! Claim it as a God given right to do so!

The Ritual of Self Connection, coming next!


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