Ritual of Self Connection

This is what works for me and is no means intended to be adhered to strictly, as we are all individuals we bring our own personal elements to any ritual or act, so please use this only for inspiration in creating your own ritual.

Ensure that you are in a safe place with limited room for interuptions.
*unplug the phone, lock the doors, etc..

Clean and clear a space for yourself.

Light candles and incense as you prepare your space.(fire and smoke are cleansing elements and help focus your thoughts toward meditation.)

When you're space is ready, envision a circle of protection around you and sit in the middle of that envsioned circle. I choose to sit facing North.

Begin to let your mind empty itself, allow all the thoughts that have been stored to flow until they have all been emptied and there is nothing left for you to turn your thoughts to.

Sit quietly in that space.

Pay attention to the noises around you and to the inner deep thoughts that come to mind.
(I keep a pen and paper ready to capture those thoughts.)

Begin to massage your body, starting with touching your feet and rubbing them. Think about how much you are loved and what a wonderful creation you are, focus on the feeling of your touch.

Feel your hands move over your body and let them roam where they choose. Focus on the feeling.

Allow your body to do what it desires.

When satiated, allow yourself to bask in the love that you have shown yourself.

Breathe deeply into your lungs, smile and laugh!

Be thankful for the experience of being able to show love to yourself.

Blow out the candles and envision the circle opening up to allow you to move freely from its protection.

Remember throughout the day, how wonderful it was to connect with your inner self.

Share that love with others.


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