Life so Far Away

I am four hours north west of Edmonton, in the biggest city of North West Canada before you get to WhiteHorse. You dont risk the highway pass out of town from November to March and flying out is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, and so it goes; life in a Northern Town.

I am far away from everyone: family and friends, and I feel the distance sometimes too much. Facebook is a poor substitute, though thank-fully photo albums make you feel like you are not so disconnected but what about when you just need to share a cup of tea?

Sometimes I wonder, what they hell are we doing here? Especially this holiday weekend, why do we have to be so far away. Oh the joy of extended family and nearby cousins. When the holiday feast is more than a luxury but a celebration of loved ones coming together. I feel lonely.

My kindred spirits are scattered all over and I can only dream of a day when we all can get together again.


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