Working the Work

All this time I have had such hesitation and reservation about leaving the comfort of my homelife and "getting a job". Most of my negative attachment comes from not being able to "fit" into a job category. I am just way to diverse and multi-talented to fit into just one peg hole and I didn't want to reduce who I am by having a job to define myself by. I hate that question, "and what do you do for work?"

But work I must and so I ventured forth, hitting the pavement in search for a job that wouldn't steal my soul! And I found one and couldn't be more happier and content, despite the poor trade of time for money. I can dress casual, listen to great tunes, talk to people embarking on journeys, and there is so much to learn.

And in my 1/2 hour lunch break, the Lama Surya Das has kept me company. I am so thankfull to have his wise words with me. And just when I was feeling that one more clothes hanger was going to do me in, this is what I read:

"In one way or another, every Buddha, needs to work. We all work: We go to jobs, we take care of childre, we study, we drive cars, we prepare meals, we do laundry, and we empty cat litter. We all work at wsomething. Right Livelihood is how Buddhas work to make an enlightened life."

It made me realize, its not about what I'm doing but that I AM DOING! Not about what I'm working at, but that I AM WORKING!

The important thing is that everything I do is an act of service, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, it is building character and relationship... and that is the most important thing. A job well done, no matter how small, gives testimony to the values that we say we live by. "Never Pass A Fault".

And so off I go to jump in the shower and don my sneakers and ride my bike to work... like a happy dwarf! Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work I go!


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