The Darkness of the Season

Following the Cycles of the Earth, we now move into dormancy, where darkness prevails to allow for rejuvination. Contemporary society teaches us to fear the darkness, that bad things lurk in the shadows, that our children need night lights...
But the truth is we need the darkness! for you cannot have light without it!
In the retreat of darkness babies are concieved, seeds sprout, and our fears are faced. It is a most necessary time for rest and re-birth.

In the darkness, we continue on. We get up, face the day and leave the house in darkness. We cuddle up, watch movies, read good books, eat soup and do crafts... its a bonding together time to allow for dreams to be born, visions to be had, relationships to be strengthened and most importantly a time for self-reflection. In the temple of your heart, turn off the lights and make time for meditation. Sit quietly with your thoughts and explore your own dark corners. What lurks there? What needs to be wrestled with? What needs attention?

In the darkness, when we come face to face with what hides there,we find our safety. "For though we walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Death we shall fear no evil" for we are not alone but safe in the darkness of our lives, where God has not abandoned us but stands by our side, holding our hand as we face our fears. The Goddess Kali standing by our side, who could harm us? We find our courage in the darkness! For what is the use of courage when all the lights are on? We find our confidance in the darkness, because we must choose to trust ourselves even more.

Winter Solstice we celebrate the light in the darkness, we bring a lit tree into our homes to celebrate the Earths rebirth and we light it to symbolize the light in the darkness. And the birth of Jesus symbolizes the Earth Re-born, everything made new again, life persists out of darkness...

So to best prepare for the Christmas Season, embrace your darkness! Walk in the valley with no flashlight and do not be afraid to face your fears.
You are not alone! and come Christmas you can celebrate with a merry and renewed heart. The work done and time for celebration!


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