The Good Tidings Elf

The morning sun is just lifting itself up from behind the horizon and casting a hopeful light over the days start. A plus one temperature reminds me we are given only what we can handle, that after every rain storm there is a calm.

This weekend I pulled myself out of my comfort to stand witness to all the many blessings happening in my life... like a penance. We can grow so non-chalont and dormant while we sit back and let the good times roll, so comfortable that we can forget that we MUST give back!! That we must acknowledge and give credit when credit is due. I remember this as we move into the 'Season of giving'.

Overwhelmed with having to buy presents, I wonder if I am teaching my children the importance of being gratefull? What can they do to show their true appreciation for what they recieve... perhaps that will be our conversation over the dinner table between now and our Solstice Celebration.

We have this little elf that comes out of the Christmas Decoration Box, with a little mischievious smile on his face. The Good tidings Elf... who brings little blessings. Everyone will have a turn doing something kind and loving and they will get to blame the Elf and move him about the house... that's a great way to help us all remember that giving doesnt always have to be about "gift" giving.

Shovelling snow for your neighbor, helping someone carry their groceries, holding the door for the next person, giving someone a hug just because.... its not so much about "being a nice person" but about being grateful for the blessings in your own life and paying it forward.

It's the circle of life, there must be a consistent flow of giving and recieving for the circle to continue and for the blessings to keep on coming.

So make a point to get uncomfortable, do something out of the ordinary today to pass on the goodness. Be a blessing in everyones life today no matter how hard it might be.

Be blessed in your blessing!


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