Home is where the heart is.... Part 2

Last year, on this day I was writing about being home on Galiano and feeling re-connected with the Nature that is my hearts' home. Here I am again, today, April 11th one year later, back on Galiano and feeling like the re-connection to my homeland was an abosolute necessity. I opened up my blog with the intent to write about the concept of HOME and was delighted to find last years entry on the very same day talking about the very same thing I'm feeling in this moment. Coincidence? Confirmation? Reassurance? all of the above. LOL The concept of home has been a strong element these past few months... eversince I participated in a Breathe Lite Activation Workshop, where I asked myself. "What is it that you want Krista?" and the answer was "I want to go home." My instructor came to my side to apply pressure to my chakra points and she whispered in my ear, intuitively, "Krista, you are home." Needless to say I cried, I cried alot. and then I realized the irony in my website name... Earth Based Spirit. There will always be a sense of sadness that follows me, a sense of longing for home, a sense of physical displacement... because, Earth is not my home. Spirit is my home and I am just a visitor here. Interesting concept I know... becoming real to me as I journey this life path of mine that has taken me all over the place and continues to move me about the world. If home is where the heart is, than where is my heart? My heart is in ME! (Saoirse answers the question for me and says, duh, did you forget that?LOL) Home is where ever I am. I'm a mobile unit, an earth based spirit, an extra terrestrial journeyman having a human experience.... now the question for us all is where would I like to go and experience next? Where to now? Blessings! www.earthbasedspirit.com


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