Second Guessing Ourselves about Love

"The channeling of intuitive information should be a normal state of awareness." Raymond Buckley Those moments we hear our inner voice giving us instruction and oh the many times we choose not to listen and honor it and end up wishing we had've listened. The art of second guessing ourselves keeps us from being open to the channeling of the Spirit. Buckley inspires me when he talks about opening ourselves to the Spirits Leading, our higher selves, he says that we must "learn to love well enough to release people and things rather than to cling to them.That our love should be understanding and forgiving." When our shit gets in the way our vision is blocked, our receptors down, we get lost in our own dramas, distracted by emotions, and taken off course. We try to control people and how they react in response to us, we try to control their direction and lay all kinds of trips on everyone involved based on our expectations and our judgements.... this only brings us down and gets us no where. About Love, Buckly says, "You need to realize that each indiviual has his or her own path to follow, his or her own experiences to assimilate, in order to fully develop. You must let the indiviual tread their own path at their own pace." It's all about letting go, and allowing the River to take us where we need to be.. without our inhibitions, false values, uncertainties, indecisivenss and criticism of others causing us distraction. Page 145 in Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft, "You must learn empathy for all - and sympathy for none." Powerfull stuff!


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