Time for Celebration

I wish my mind would take a holiday! I remember when Britney Spears was institutionalized my surrounding group of mothers all envied her... oh to be put in a padded room and given 3 meals a day! LOL Juggling between the needs and demands of children, managing the functioning of a household, running a kitchen efficiently, staying on top of things and making time for work and spiritual development... oh yes, and being a partner to a spouse (forgot that! LOL). I feel like I'm quite the ring master for this crazy circus act that is my family! The need to celebrate is often marginalized, pushed out of the way, a victim of procrastination, a great idea for another time... when I 'have' time. LOL Here I am now, on the other side of Summer Solstice, having made time and feeling like, OMG... how could I have ever entertained the idea of NOT celebrating?? So, after great contemplation, my blog entry is about the importance of celebration!! Not church goers, we still have to have our rituals, our holidays and our celebrations! We still need to dance around the fire, take swigs from the flask, pass the pipe and get our "merry" on! Celebration is absolutly a necessary ritual!! All work and no play, make us grownups pretty boring people. Starhawk, in The Spiral Path, talks about our Younger Selves, the inner child. How easily we loose touch with that part of our souls, we become bogged down with the realities of responsibility... what about playing in the grass until we realize its gotten dark? how about running around barefoot? splashing in water? falling over with merriment? The Younger Self keeps us connected to our magik, makes the impossible real and continually motivates us to pursue the things in our hearts! And we grow sad, bored, melancholy, displaced, lonely, depressed, un-enthused, mundane, and uneventful when we loose our sense of Younger Self.... Therefore!!! it is our Spiritual Responsibilty to ourselves that we make time to Celebrate!! www.earthbasedspirit.com


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