What is it that drives us to drink? We are so guarded as a society that how many of us need a few drinks just to take the edge of, to help us relax and to be comfortable letting ourselves loose enough to really let our true selves out of our box for some expression time!? LOL Oh My. and no matter how many times I have said, "I'll never do that again!" I know I will... because I do... its human nature. When I met Gerald first, I was recovering from a drug addiction and he gave me the best nuggest of support ever... "Everything in moderation, even moderation." Which means to say, everyone needs to let go sometimes. LOL His words were so full of grace and lacking in condemnation, it resonated with me and I have never forgotten it. That no matter what, sometimes you just need to "tear the roof off of her!" LOL But this weekend at the Rodeo, where drinking abounded recklessly I was reminded of the trigger that alchohol can be for some, sparking erratic, violent, stubborn, and evil behavior... there is definitely a switch that gets pulled when too much alcohol has been consumed. Personally, I have never understood it,because I have never been a big drinker. (and even when I said that around the campsite last night I got some strange looks and the conversation quietted, as if to say such a thing was absurd.) It is such a part of our culture, that I almost feel ostracized if I'm not up for drinking... but I am totally okay with that! :) So I tell my daughters, that alcohol just makes you stop caring about what's happening, you are still aware of what's happening.. you just don't care so much when you're drunk. And absolutely a good time can be had by all... but its the unpredictability of everyone else and how they can manage their booze, that creates an uncertainity that I just don't trust. And when someone loses it and becomes violent... well, it's really frightening. So when talking to my girls about alcohol I remind them, keep the people you love and trust close to you when making yourself vulnerable. (we started this conversation years ago>) but Ironcially the peer pressure is just as much real to me as it will be to them.... And so Alcohol... Niamh said when she was three, there's nothing worse than a drunk old man. I couldn't aggree with her more. I'm sure I'll have more to say on the subject.


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