Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt

"BE OPEN, BE WILLING, BE BRAVE" IAR This is what comes to mind when I begin my reflections on Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. Perhaps real direction comes only when we humble ourselves with honesty, what is it that we are truly hunting for? What am I hunting for? Four weeks ago I told Gerald, that what I truly desired from life was a sense of fulfillment. We both felt that the thought was random and odd in the moment, but now I get it. My desire to feel fulfilled comes from my own need for healing. So when I reflect on this swelling moon, I am humbled in identifying my prey: healing. So when I think of Artemis, holding both life and death in her hands, the balance between the hunter and the hunted, the protectress of young girls...I realize I need her energy now more than ever, as I begin to heal the young girl inside of me. I embark on a whole new journey, learning new ways of healing and using them to heal myself so that I can pass it on to others. {Absolutely it's scary, it's huge vulnerability, I push myself even to write about it, but its good and its time! Time for healing, because we all have work to do!) And I know that I must be open, willing and brave. I will think of Artemis, with her bow held high and arrow ready, watching over me as a great Protectress while I make myself vulnerable in the hunt for fulfillment. And perhaps this Goddess is brunette with long curly hair and is skimpily dressed in soft leathers with great breasts... and a devilish look in her eyes as she keeps watch over me! LOL Blessings this Blood Moon! What are you Hunting for?


  1. Thank you for this, beautiful High Priestess, Krista! I am hunting for self-love! I callupon and pray for the focused intent of Artemis. The prey I long for is self-love that never wavers and ever deepens . . . today I too feel the protection and prowess of this beautiful Goddess of the hunt! May she and her great breasts be my guide . . . :)


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