the eye of the storm

There's a strange calm that happens in the midst of great change, perhaps its the middle of the tunnel where we get to sit down and rest for a minute... the calm is bittersweet. In this unsweetened chocolate moment, I find myself overwhelmed with thought and deep in a wash of emotion.... change comes with a heavy heart and the promise of new life, new growth, new dreams fullfilled and the timing could not be more perfect as Spring slips in with Her Waters and washes away the Winters' debris... we are getting ready for Change. Its the anticipation of a piercing, the dreaded needle, the ensuing doom before great release, great reward, great payout! Its the last stretch of the road, the last leg of the race, the great last push to the finish line... and what I am not doing is keeping my eye on the prize... no, I'm not thinking of the pot of gold.... I am slowing down my pace, taking some long deep breaths, taking my time to be long, long in this moment, present fully, here and now in the calm, in the center of the storm.


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