Everyone who knows me knows I am NOT a feminist... in truth I have always preferred the company of men over women... for obvious reasons. I LOVE MEN!!! so, honestly, I have found it very interesting that my relationships here have been primarily with women.

This weekend we were asked by several men why they were not allowed in the Tent.

And so I'm writing this blog to address that very thing!

 I guess, admittedly now, I  needed the safe and sacred circle of just women in order to do some serious healing in my own life. Although I do believe that it should go without saying... but here it is, ofcourse we are all one and equal... BUT

... we are divided by our genders whether we like it or not. And no matter how cosmic your spiritual womb is or the cosmic labour pains you may have experienced or how balanced you feel in your feminine... (and I am not discrediting anyones process for connecting with their own feminine essence) it still does not change your gender.

Its about having respect for everyone's own process and how they choose to do their own healing work. Its about honoring eachother and not "peacocking" around the work expecting everyone to make exceptions for you because you see yourself more evolved or enlightened as a man! Good for you!! that's wonderful and we need more like you.....
but a mature and grounded spiritual man/woman allows the necessary space to exist so that healing may occur (whatever it may look like) and holds space that one day, we shall all stand togther, men and women, in our healing, strong and united as one people. But until that time... a womens circle is a womens circle.

And if you are feeling left out as a man than do something about it! Start your own healing circle for men! There surely is enough men out there looking for a way to heal themselves.

As a Spiritual Leader it is my calling to serve my community in the ways in which it needs and so yes I will stand in front of the Red Tent and say "no men allowed" because I am creating safe and sacred space for the healing that I am being called to be apart of and facilitate... it has nothing to do with my belief that we are all One, it has everything to do with my deep appreciation that we are also, all DIFFERENT (with different needs).

So, its about mutual respect for everyones process and if you dont like it... then DO something about it!! Don't lurk and peacock around the womens work, like the drunk guy at the bar who just doesn't get it....

be a Man and hold space for the healing work that we all need to do and respect the process regardless of your cosmic vagina for which I applaud... takes quite the individual to balance a vagina and a set of balls! LOL

And for my dear friends that are men... please do not read this blog from a wounded perspective... but read deeper between the lines.... we need to honor our Essence whether it be female or male.... but we also need to understand and appreciate the differences in our genders. We all need healing... and so go about yours as best you can and we'll go about ours as best we can and then, very soon.... we shall be able to unite as a healed people!

With much Love, Krista


  1. Thank you for this candid and true look at universal healing that values each person's right to indiviuated spaces of healing, learning and growing <3
    xo Debbi


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