A return to Galiano

Wolf Spiders and Recluses spin their webs everywhere as the season of the Vine draws closer to the Harvest Moon of Mabon. Septembers fog rolls in over the land creating a mystical presence and I am encouraged to focus on the things that I am thankful for as opposed to fixating on the things that are not as I wish they were. I have so much to be thankful for.

Since the time of my grandmothers passing my life has come truly full circle... in my fortieth year I have made my way home once again... to the forests of Galiano. So much fills my heart and mind, I am feeling overwhelmed with the blessings of returning, a new and stronger version of this woman that I am, looking forward to embracing the seasons once again and all that life has in store for me and my family here in the greens of Galiano.

I report  now from a place of true surrender and acceptance as I learn her ways once more: supporting my girls as they travel by water taxi to school on Salt Spring Island, re- learning the art of rake and trowel, standing by my partner as he too transitions, loving my father who has been alone a long time, and once again picking up pen and putting it to paper, (work on my second novel is soon to commence).... I am forever Her Student and grateful care taker.

Thank-you for joining me on this adventure: a Return to Galiano!!!


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