With all our things somewhere in storage in Vancouver, we arrive on Galiano mid summer. A tent has been set for the girls, complete with single beds each, a couch, carpet, arm chair and coffee table and Dad made sure to hang Christmas lights inside just to add a sparkle of magic.. the girls were delighted. Gerald and I move into the camper trailer 10x15... we can barely fit on the toilet and forget the shower... this 1987 manufactured camper just isn't completely fit for a man of Gerald's Stature. The first thing to go missing was my watch. I had never owned a watch on Galiano before. It was my first present from Gerald our first Christmas in Airdrie: a silver Kenneth Cole with an opal face, it was the most beautiful time piece I'd ever had (and I had no idea who Kenneth Cole was, but I loved it).... and ironically, its the first thing to be stolen by the fairies upon our arrival. (insert sad face).
At the end of August, we move into the 400 sq foot cabin and take down the tent, the girls move into the trailer and I busied myself setting up a humble home for us with what little we had.... all the while thinking of our things somewhere in Vancouver. I am needing my cookie sheet and my measuring cups... but we make do and it feels like I am 18 again, starting out with nothing.
Our plans to move right into our house, seem to have plans onto themselves and I am practising surrender, acceptance and patience while we allow for time to do what it needs... until that time (dependant on uncontrollable variables which we have no control over) we set ourselves up for the coming season of Fall.
The fog sweeps in like low lying clouds and casts a mist over everything, the smell of the wood stove that burns cedar fills the air and everything is dripping in the many shades of green that you can imagine... and in the familiarity of it all, I feel as if no time has passed. The magical land of my home feels good under my feet... and despite the circumstances, I know we are exactly where we need to be, and THAT feels good.


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