Drugs and Masturbation: Part One

somebody please stand up and say it already!!

My waitress last night told me she was curious about trying extasy... I had ordered an Extasy Martini (it didn't live up to its name, although it did cost about the same as a hit). She's a nursing student! Go figure. I told her if you trust the person you can get it from its an amazing experience, and try not to get something cut with other stuff and try to get the real stuff MDMA.(the anti-depressant mostly prescribed for housewives in the 50's, did you know that?)

When I worked in the Dallas County Jail I met women incarcerated who were not convicts, not criminals, but mothers. Mothers with addictions who had been taken away from their children. Women who cried with me about how they hated what they had done to their lives and their children's lives over drugs.I didn't have much life experinece then but I was a good listener and I shared with them a moment of peace and forgiveness.

I never was much of a smoker, though I did love the rush I got when I did smoke. It was mostly rebellion that drove me to smoke. Like taking my life into my own hands and pretending like I didn't give a shit. I didn't have an addictive personality, so smoking was a habit that came and went.

However drugs have always been apart of my life in some form or another. My parents both hippies and growing up on the west coast it was unavoidable. But it wasn't until I was older and married that I was introduced to drugs harder than the naturals... and boy did I have a good time! Absolutely!

The danger of that lifestyle began to manifest when we could no longer socialize without it. When everyone started to believe that they could only be happy when they were high, that it was only a good time when someone showed up with the additives.(alcohol is a drug too) Only by the Grace of God go I, with the help of a close friend and a counsellor I removed myself and my girls from that lifestyle.

My daughter comleted the DARE program at school and all it did was anger me. The police officer teaching, told her class he'd never done drugs, not even Coffee!! can you believe that? The whole program was all about teaching them curiosity is bad, dont do it and just say no! He did those kids a huge disfavour. How can you tell a child not to be curious? Its against their nature. So why not really inform them? Why not give them some straight up talk about what it is we are soo afraid of.

I've been through some tough times and I have at points considered Anti-Depressants, many of my close friends that I love dearly are on Anti-Depressants and it helps them! So I considered it as an option to deal with my own depression. But you know what works for me? a toot! A puff of marijauna fixes me, lifts my spirits, renews my energy, clears my head of cobwebs and gives me a skip in my step. To me it is in lieu of pharmaceuticals, they just are not for me. I dont smoke all the time like I used to when I was young and wild, I take it now like I would a medication, like a tylenol for a headache.A great singer and songwriter from Newfoundland told me once, "We all need our vices." and who are we to judge eachother?

Giving kids the wrong messages doesnt help either. Do I want my daughter trying crack because she's never seen it before and it looks like fun because she doesnt know what it is or the dangers of it? NO!! So I tell her what it looks like, the effects of it and how it works on the brain. I get out my psychology books and I show her the diagrams of neurotransmitters. So if and when she does come accross any of it in her journeys she will be able to make an informed decision not based out of curiosity.

No one talked to me about drugs, even though they were all around me. How can we encourage our children to be open minded and to try new things when we are so closed in our own thinking that we can't even give them the information they so desperately need to make healthy and wise decisions? Its like giving a child a gun and telling them not to pull the trigger.

Masturbation is next!!



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