Sheep or Shepherd?

Finding the courage to be ourselves, to let others see us for exactly who we are is the scariest and most vulnerable thing we can do. We have been so beat up with society's teaching that we must be something other than ourselves... and yet the people who manage to break free from that entrapping mindset tend to be the most successful and happy people, they tend to be the leaders.

I think we are afraid to be happy. I really do. We've been so wounded that we have become comfortable living with disappointment, comfortable with regret, comfortable with mediocre lives, comfortable being sheep. Anything else is unfamiliar, unknown, risky and too much of a challenge.

Comfort has become our crutch. That and perhaps we are just too lazy to really care for making changes. Change is difficult. Change is disruptive. Change affects everyone. Change is unfamiliar.

So the question is: Will we be Sheep or Shepherds? Most of us will be content to remain sheep, and that's okay, that's what the bible calls us isnt after all? But, I dont want to be a sheep! I want to be a Shepherd! I want to find new pastures, new trails, new terrain. I want to make my own way. I want adventure!

How afraid are we to make changes in our lives? "its not our darkness we fear but our light"
How brightly can we shine if given the opportunity? How much are you willing to risk to find out?
What's the alternative? Really, what is there to loose? Unhappiness? Unfullfillment? Dissatisfaction?

Love yourself enough to try. and if you need help, Let me know! I am here for you!

I have been in darkness and despair, and I have come out the other side and I can truly say I am happy, I am content, I have no complaints (save for it being so damn cold up here LOL) Life now is wonderful, and I am letting my little light shine and it is so rewarding, I never knew I could shine so brightly.

So, I choose Shepherd! What about you?

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”


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