The Courage to Heal by Helen Bass is an amazing book and great tool to face the uncomfortable issue of our abuse.... the one thing I remember the most was this: A Woman/Mother who has not dealt with her own abuse will not be able to recognize or deal with her own child/ren's abuse.

What festers in the darkness becomes mental and emotional strongholds that affect and inhibit how we see and value ourselves and how we live our lives.
Abuse grows like a mold when it is hidden in the shadows of our lives..

But when you expose things to the light they loose their power of intimidation. But we fear the exposure and the effort that comes with being vulnerable, the lack of control. When we supress things, we feel like we have them under control... but the irony is they really are controlling us.

When things are dragged out of the closets, they loose their power, their value, and they usually get thrown out and we wonder why on earth did we hang on so tightly to old shit????

The power we give it,to have over ourselves is incredible to fathom. We let these things done to us determine how we see ourselves, how we value ourselves, how we are in the world. And then we let it fester so much deep within us we allow it to blind us to the dangers our very own children are facing in their lives.

We are afraid to talk about, afraid to speak it out loud, afraid to admit that once we were vunerable and taken advantage of, that once someone did something to us that stole our innocense, that someone had power over us. We hold ourselves accountable for these wrongs as if we ever had the power to prevent them. We were children, needing protection, needing role models, needing love and attention. How can we continue to hold ourselves accountable for the awful things done to us?

We need to learn how to love ourselves again, how to heal ourselves from the wounds that we try so hard to forget are there. We need to be free from the scaring of all the damage, free to love ourselves, free to forgive ourselves, free to love that little child we once were and that still exists deep within our psyche.

There is healing! It does happen! Do not be afraid for you are not alone!! We all have a story, and we will gather together around you and hold your hand. We will rally with you and stand by yourside as your sisters and brothers and say!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE LOVED!

Stand and be counted as a Survivor!



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