2 out of every 3 women have been sexual abused

Can you believe that's the one thing the most of us have in common and yet would you know it? Do you talk about it? Has someone ever brought it up in conversation? Is it public knowledge that it still happens today?

A friend just shared with me her discouvery that her daughter has been being abused. So I am moved to address this subject, because it is about time we all started talking!! Language is the strongest tool we have to protect our daughters and to encourage healing...

This situation has made her look at her own abuse and they are all in counselling. She says that she will not do what her mother did and that was hide it away and pretend it didn't happen. And so now healing is beginning to flow in their family. Out of a terrible occurence, liberation comes!

There is power and freedom in speech! My next blog will be all about sexual abuse and the language we can use to prevent it and to heal from it... as I too was abused and I am not ashamed to say it!


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