New Beginnings...

Coming out of our comfort zones, my comfort zones. Facing this new life, this new day, this new dawn as a gift from the Universe. I can't help but feel excited and yet overwhelmed at the same time. This really does feel like a year of new beginnings, hard to explain, but I feel a shift has/is still happening. Our lives are being propelled towards healthy relationship, sustainability, and community. There is change in the air, as you can smell the season changing... the air today was sweet like creamy honey when I went out to walk through the cut fields of wheat, change is a natural occurence.

Last August I fell and completely shattered my wrist and had to have a titanium plate put in, the next month on my birthday I had a miscarriage. (our first pregnancy after wanting it for so long) Gerald had to quit his job and take another at a $10 pay cut and had to drive 1 hour and 45 minutes to work and home again each day, I had to quit my job because of post pardum depression and then in January when I had to admit that I was still not truly recovered I embarked on a journey that would bring healing and restoration to my soul... I wrote my story.

This September, a year later, I feel born again! This is the year for new beginnings! Facing this new life, this new day, this new dawn as a gift from the Universe and I am so grateful for all the many blessings I have to count.

God is Love. The Ultimate Change Agent:Love


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