uncommunicated expectations

Oh the killer that they are! Uncommunicated expectations. There is so much to say on the subject... they are the ruin of us all, the great regret, leading us only into disappointment, heart break, and division. Its the silence you cant take back, its the unspoken silence that builds into something that runs away from you and becomes something monstrous and unstoppable... destined to explode, smash and shatter to the very core.

When we expect something from someone else, we are admitting that we are in need of something from them: be it whatever;love, respect, fullfillment etc. It is the great and unacknowledged evil because it perpetuates the belief that we are not enough on our own for ourselves.

We are distracted from the moment by our disappointment, we are disturbed by the discouvery of our insecurity, reinforcing our lack of belief in ourselves "that I am not enough" and furthering our dependancy on people and things.

We are attached to the outcomes created in our own minds and we are unable to let go of the control: to allow the Universe to play out as it chooses, to lead us where we need to be lead, to take us to where we need to be.

No expectations, life is more fun as a surprise. "Go with the Flow and relax." That was the theme this summer for me and my girls. Change is inevitable, it is the only constant. When we let go of expectations then we are not afraid of the outcome, but look eagerly forward to watch the Universe unfold its beautiful plan. When we let go, and let God, we walk without judgement, we are open to be a blessing in everyones lives,we see the bigger picture and we are carried on down the river and we enjoy the ride.


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