ground me

There is a growing need for grounding, for balancing, for connection... for something real and tangible that exsists outside of and apart from routine and tradition. I want to FEEL something!!! I think it's something most all of us want. We want hands on interaction, we want physical reality, we want to wrestle and get dirty with the questions, we want to 'Feel Something'.... anything.

The numbness that we accept to live with leaves us feeling empty, dissatisfied, depressed, disillusioned, and hungry. But hungry for what?

Commercialism and Religion will have you believe you need filling. That you are empty, created with a void, that you are searching to be saved from something. I purpose the opposite, believing that we are fearfully and wonderfully made: We have all that we need within us! While we live with the lie that we are not enough we become numb. The belief that we are not enough perpetuates a sense of being lost.

Thomas Moore suggests that these symptoms; emptiness, meaninglessness, vague depression, disillusionment about marriage, family and realtionship, a loss of values, a yearning for personal fullfillment, a hunger for spirituality... that these things "reflect a loss of soul"

What we need to do is "care for our soul" and find OURSELVES! We have all the answers! We are whole and complete: we do not need saving, we do not need to purchase something, we do not need to look outside of ourselves for our sense of worth and happiness.

It is possible to "Feel Something!" You can feel the energy of the divine coursing through you. You can feel grounded! It is tangible! It is real! It is powerful! It is excessible!

You can start by asking the Universe to help you. Be open and positive to all that it brings you!


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