Oct.11 The Harvest Moon, aka The Blood Moon

In Northern Alberta the style is changing.. you know its hunting season when men and women are coordinating their wardrobes to camoflouge, even to the grocery store. My seven year old step-son wanted to know why I was calling it the "blood moon" and I explained the season change and we noted that now all the wheat fields behind our house have all been cut down, and I explained that now it was time for the hunters to go out and get meat for the winter, to which he said, "Ohhh, that's why they call it a blood moon." in reference to the blood shed by animals. Which is much deeper and way better connected than my own thoughts, I was thinking more along the line of mensturation. "out of the mouth of babes."

It is the time of sacrifice, of blood shed, and the time to ask ourselves what are we hunting for? The word HUNT is a strange and multi faceted word and not often associated with the feminine. In prepartion for this full moon gathering I am confounded with this word. To be better aligned with the energy that is around us, one cannot avoid but be confronted with the season of the hunt...

Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt, carrying a bow and arrow but she is also the protectress of the animals. So she maintains balance, taking only what she needs. These are great little nuggets to keep in mind when exploring the things in our own hearts that we are after.

What are we hunting for? What is that we want to accomplish? What to we hunger for? What are we searching for?

Take a moment, light a red/orange candle in honor of the 'Blood Moon' and think on these things, use the energy of the season to add strenth to your prayerfull meditation.


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