In The End Days of 2011

Sitting on my bed grabbing some precious "alone" time I can't help but notice I'm feeling a bit down and if I'm honest, just a tad depressed and sad. If I had a sign on my door it would say..."DONT DARE DISTURB ME"

What a year!? No wonder I'm feeling exhausted and burnt out! I read a friends 20 questions about 2011 and it made me take a step back and reflect over my own year.
*we spent Christmas alone because we needed to, just the four of us.
*it snowed alot and we were snowed in for two weeks
*New Years Eve was quiet and mellow
*I started to write The Tetrad Prophecy and treated it like a job and therapy all in one.
*March break I took the girls to Galiano, our first time home together in five years, we had a magnificent holiday and I collected final details for the book.
*In April I started looking for a job and in May I started working at Valhalla Outfitters... where I came out of my comfort zones and
met some awesome people (Nicole especially)
*In June we met Tim Van Horn and Lee Hurst and made our way to the NOrth Country Fair, for whom I must thank Heather Sware for the great introduction to the best family experience ever!! (I was looking for my tribe and I found them)
*July we drove the girls to Calgary where their aunt Jaime put them on their flight to St.John's while Gerald, Sadie and I carried on to Ontario, a three day road trip of the first alone time together since our inception in 2004. Needless to say we were like love birds.
*We returned home to Grande Praire with Logan, Gerald's seven year old son and anxiously awaited the girls return while we packed up all of our belongings and readied ourselves for yet another move... I became a mother of three.
*August first Niamh turned Thirteen, the day after they both got back and were with us for the move into our very own home. We bought our first house in Clairmont, a hamlet to GP 1500 foot Modular 4 bed/2 bathroom home. I planted a Poplar Tree I affectionately called Persephone. Thanks to Heather for a safe delivery.
*Survived a month with a house full of kids and boxes. Gerald got offered a better job and took it, taking him away for four weeks and bringing him home for two off...and the pay is finally worth it,so not too bad of an arrangement.
*September I had my 39th birthday weighing in at 35lbs lighter then at the years start, was told I was selfish and lost a friend, kissed a girl and almost got killed head on by a semi in the wrong lane on the CowPoke highway, switched Saoirse out of french immersion and into English, started Logan in school and brought Niamh home to be schooled on line for grade eight. Purchased the first copy of my book and started attending the little United Church with its most awesome Minister, Mary Blackburn who is inspiring and encouraging for me and my children.
*October, I started the Peace Coven and commenced on my path to Initiation and Ordination in the Wiccan Faith. Kali died in my hands, my bearded dragon and I really did cry. We cremated her and I let go of my dear old friend, the Goddess of Destruction and all that she represented for me.
*November I held the first public gathering for One Tent One Culture, thanks to my little community church for being so open minded, A Celebration of Thanks! The Tetrad Prophecy arrived at long last to its Third Edition ready for mass prodcution.
*December the kids are doing great, Gerald is loving his new job and I booked a table at the upcoming Love and Light Local Psychic and Energy Fair in Febuary. Our Coven held our first Family Celebration for Winter Solstice and for the first time ever I was done shopping at the start of the month and acutally baked cookies!

Phew! and now all I am craving is some quiet time with my new music and a smoke... and maybe a glass of red wine.

Happy New Years to you all! May the river never let you down.

Come on 2012! I am sooo ready for you baby! Bigger and Better... let's go!


  1. I am so glad you love the fair like we do. We look forward to it so much every year - hopefully this year we will be able to spend a little more time together! xoxo


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