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The Voice of Our Authentic Selves
Ravyn Moon

Pioneers, people bravely looking for a better place and a better future, laid the foundations of our Western world. Our roots are tied to their searching, and the pioneering spirit still lingers in our very core. This unsettling drive that has been passed from one generation to the next keeps us from knowing fulfillment, peace and our full authentic selves.

We are engulfed in a commercial culture that constantly reinforces the programming that we are not enough. As a wife and a mother, I am constantly trying to keep myself from becoming overwhelmed with this need to keep up. When I gather with other women, I realize that this is a commonality we all share. We fill our lives with so much distraction that we can hardly hear ourselves think. When we fail to make time for ourselves, it is no wonder that at the end of the day we are still looking, still dissatisfied, still empty.

The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves; this I am realizing more often than not. On a recent evening alone, I took the time to watch the movie Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts. It was sweet confirmation of all the things that I have been learning about taking time to know myself, to listen to my heart and to act upon my truth. I highly recommend it.

We have missed a fundamental truth: that the Kingdom of God is within us (Luke 17:21). The light we are looking for in our lives has not been diminished, just simply overlooked and neglected. We are so busy with this driving force that we miss God in all the moments of our lives. We fail to hear our own inner voice.

Lama Surya Das explains to us in his book Awakening the Buddha Within that we will not find what we are looking for outside of ourselves. He says, “Not through lovers or mates, not with friends or family, and certainly not via material success.” He reinforces that the only way we will find our authentic selves is by finding our “genuine spiritual center. Truth is found by living truly—in your own authentic way.” We can find our spiritual center only by taking the time discover it.

The first time that I really took the time to meditate, I realized that there was more going on inside my head than I had been aware of. I allowed my mind to ramble until eventually there was clarity and I found peace. I realized that my spirit had been longing for my attention. That was the beginning of discovering the spiritual aspect of my authentic self.

Regardless of our religious persuasion, spiritual beliefs or traditional practices, we all share the same truth. The answers we are seeking lie within us, if only we would listen to the spiritual voice of our authentic selves. There we will hear the voice of God: “Seek and ye shall find.”

In her early 20′s, Ravyn Moon, Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher, worked as a missionary in Brazil and studied Christian Theology in Dallas, Texas. Following a soulful journey of diverse studies she worked with troubled youth and inmates across North America. Today, Ravyn Moon promotes an Inter-Spiritual Worldview through peace, love and acceptance. To follow her blog please go to


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