Love from Uncle Cliff

"It's about letting your heart be full of Love. That is what it means to know and be in God. No conditions. No rules. No words. Just full on Heart Love. Love rights all wrongs. Love manifests abundance. Love fills the heart and makes you whole. Love heals the wounds and mends the heart. Love never stops. Never gives up. Love grows and grows and eventurally replaces all doubt, all worry, angst, stress and sickness. Lvoe opens always, embraces all things, allows for the unknown. Love is not insecure, it knows no bounds but is ever expanding. Love is moving, flowing energy like a river. Love is the circular rhythm. Love is the perfect circle, with no end or beginning. Love is knowing that letting go means only to open your heart to recieving more. Love creates its own rewards by blessings in abundance. Love yearns to grow and plants itself in our hearts. Love yearns to be fullfilled. Love begets Love, and all is forgiven, and all is regained/ For Love is God." Spiritual Teacher, David Deida talks about being open to god, the masculine and the feminine consciousness! Super interesting and informative!


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