2012 Awakening

did you feel it? the paradigm shift that was supposed to happen in 2012? The huge "end of the world" prophecy that was to be fullfilled as some say the myans predicted?
Did you become enlightened, awakened, did you make the shift? did you wake up?
Well, you better hurry up, cuz' there's only five weeks left to 2012... and then, my friend its 2013!

All of the above had me freaking right out of my mind! I certainly did not want to get "left behind" and I certainly felt anxious and admittedly a little worried that I may not make the cut! What if I missed it altogether? What if "it" happens and I don't even know about it? What if I wake up too late and find I've missed the boat? What if I'm not good enough to make it through the "shift" will I live out the rest of my days feeling like I didn't get invited to the party?

2012 Blues!

There was no earthquake under my feet, there was no flood that shook my foundations, there was no fire that exploded with heat in my face, there was no great announcement, no great delivery, no significant notifications, no trumpets blown or confetti thrown, no balloons or applause, nothing grand, illuminating and boisterous no
immaculate conceptions, no miracles, nothing profound or unexplainable that I can pin point to say.... that was it,I made it!

but yet.... it happened! I made it through and I can honestly say its been enlightening. As we approach the end of the year, I can say I truly feel like I've arrived.... arrived at the place I did not know exsisted... and what do I find there but a whole community of people just waiting to recieve me. Feelings of great inner peace, a heart filling of Love, and a genuine sense of happiness flooding over me making me feel wanted and welcomed.

Sounds like heaven, doesn't it? And didn't Jesus the man say to believe him when he said "the kingdom of heaven is on earth?"

That in order to save your life you must first loose it? Is the tunnel we travel through to the other side not a death? It's not about what the year is.... its about deciding to dig deep, push through and come out the other side. Its knowing that the light is within us... its not dependant on our environment, how deep the shit is that we are wading through, its not about the destination but about seeing the tunnel as a necessary death that requires work to bring ourselves through. We go "through" the darkness, we're not supposed to "stay" there.... the "enlightment" is about choosing the path of tunnels! Stepping into the darkness, facing our fears, examining the unseen, making peace with ourselves and loving ourselves in our darkness... and then when it feels like hope is running out and just when you give it your very last push, when you take that last step, when you choose to love yourself enough to believe that you deserve it...
Spirit meets you and takes you the rest of the way.

"Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil. For thou art with me."

Its not a grand arrival but a subtle welcoming... and we are all arriving out of our tunnels and the light we are building is so bright and so beautiful it will illuminate the way for others just starting into theirs.

to me, this is my understanding of enlightment, this is the great shift that has happened in my consciousness, this is my awakening!

"There aint no grave, going keep this body down." Johnny Cash



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