authenticity and vulnerability

Dr. Brone Brown talks about the commonality between all successful people being their willingness and openess to be vulnerable. When I heard this and allowed for the truth of it to settle into my spirit I began to understand how guarded and protected I was. All the years I shook my fist at God, questioning why have I not experienced success in my endeavors, and when will I ever???? In that one Ted Talk by Dr.Brown, I realized that it was my protective walls that were keeping me from taking the real risks that I needed to in order to experience success. She resolves that people who grew up in supportive environments tend to be more willing risk takers, because they come from a place of security and acceptance. But those that were unfortuneate to be raised in an unsupportive environment tend to be much more causious and hesitant to take risks. It truly resonated with me, I had been so busy trying to protect myself from failure that I was constantly experiencing it, on some level. We do no one service, even ourselves when we hide ourselves away from the world. I have pushed myself to examine these strongly fortified walls and since doing so, they have slowly been coming down. So I have learned that, only when we admit we are weak do we experience strength, only in our humility do we experience true validation... and as I've been focusing on being more open; open to love, I have been finding support and encouragement to keep on keeping on... taking down these walls! My blog was the first step!! I started writing a blog, because it was the most vulnerable thing I could do in that moment: to be transparent and open with the world. This is who I am, what I think and how I feel. This is how spirit moves me. This Blog has been a huge element in my healing and as a result I am taking risks all the time! and for the first time in my life, I feel successful and satiated! so my encouragement to others is this: Let your light shine! The world is waiting for you! Take the risk! Be open... "take the first step even though you cannot see the whole staircase." and in your vulnerability with the world you will find welcome and acceptance! Thank-you for taking the time to share in my journey!


  1. I enjoyed reading your thougts. Brene Brown has been a great inspiration to me too! But I can empathize with you as you comment about your life journey and the walls of protection (do they really protect us?) that we need to tear down. Then we can be more REAL with ourselves and with others too (God included). When we do this, then freedom will come and we can experience the peace and contentment that we so yearn for... (David J)


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