Eat Pray Love

All I can say is that, when I need it the most, the Universe provides. Like hitting random on my ipod and all my favourite songs play, just when I really needed to hear them.
This movie, although I really had wanted to read the book first, hit the spot! A night alone to myself and it was the perfect medicine for my soul! Totally reaffirming and exactly what I went through when coming to terms with myself and my first marriage. Everyone needs a spiritual awakening unto themselves.

My friend is an unfortuneate situation with her husband and now she must decide what to do. Sadly this is not the first time this situation has arisen in her life and now she is at a threshold, a crossing line. Will she stubbornly push on in drama, unrealizing that the lesson is presenting itself yet again, or will she face the truth of herself and why she has allowed this yet again to happen in her life, will she take the time out to learn the lesson?

The question is not wether or not she will stay with him, but whether or not she will face herself. Like that Oprah mag I found in my most humbling of moments, will she do the hardest thing for herself and be honest??

I can only hope and pray that she will take the time to truly listen to her heart. That she will honor herself and know that she is WORTHY!! That she is worthy of being loved, cared for and respected. When, and only when, she embraces this truth: that she is worthy, will she put an end to the drama she invites into her life.

This has been a resounding theme for me these past few weeks. The absolute necessity for us to take time to ourselves, to know ourselves, to be okay and happy alone with ourselves in need or want for nothing else. We need to love ourselves, fully and completely. We need to show ourselves mercy and grace. We need to touch ourselves lovingly and tell ourselves that we are special. If we cannot do this for ourselves, than how can we expect anyone else to do it for us??

Watch the movie or read the book: It was wonderful and uplifting and confirmed I am on the right path.



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