not being afraid

Has anyone ever told you that fear is the opposite of faith? If we fear the unknown then faith must lie in what is known... and yet we find faith such a hard thing to have knowledge of. If faith lies in what is known, then may I propose that we are hard wired to have faith and just dont know it and therefore, we find matters of faith frightening, because we do not know that we already have it.

Do you follow me? LOL.

The stages of our cognitive development go from survival nourishemnt, to soul nourishment, (in a nut shell) and we move from niave thinking as children to critical thinking, where stories of the tooth fairy and santa claus become unreal and even unnecessary. But here's a new twist, there is another level of thinking called post niativity thinking, where we arrive with a sense of maturity that the things we believed in as a child are not real, but hold valuable truths none the less. This is the realm of Faith that I am talking about, the place where we stop attaching so much value to the symbols and dogmas of faith as we were taught, but we allow the essence of these things to permeate throughout our life in our ethics, in how we behave, in how we respond to our world. There maybe no such thing as Santa Claus, but the spirit of giving is real and thus we do not abandon our belief but extend it.

Fear of the unknown is merely a reflection of where we are in our thinking. If we look upon the things that cause us fear as opportunities to learn about faith, then we have gone from fear based thinking to faith based thinking. "No weapons formed against me will prosper." We do not need to be afraid! Fear of change will only keep you stuck, and far from the path that you were designed to follow. But if you have Faith that what doesnt kill you will make you stronger... then you can face anything that life presents you.

Faith is already deep within you. Trust and not be afraid.


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