Leave Everything

Leave Everything for just one minute. Lama Surya Das's book, Awakening the Buddha within, has been such a good read. Affirming the message that seems to be resounding in everything I do these days: just be still.

In the stillness is where you will find peace of mind. Remember that well quoted bible verse, Be still and know that I am God? Well, that's the message for today. Be still.

The Lama says, "Leave everything as it is in fundamental simplicity, and clarity will arise by itself. Only by doing nothing will you do all there is to be done."

From the Buddha:
How wonderful! How wonderful! All things are perfect exactly as they are."

From the Lama's list of ways we can cultivate mindful awareness and bring meditation, calm, and clarity into our daily activities, here are the three that really speak to me.
#1. Breathe and smile. Relax. Take a moment to let go, and just be. enjoy it.
#2. Try doing manual labor in a sacred manner, just doing what you are doing as if it is the ultimate divine service, for it is. (laundry and grocery shopping perfect examples)
#3 Before speaking, notice what motivates your words.


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