The Graveyard's Yearly Visit.

ckua radio plays baba's grooves and it makes the world feel right. The wind is blowing fierce and intimidating... I dont want to go out to walk the dog. The party leftovers have been put away and the house is back to its normal self, a sigh of relief for the good time had by all. I love Halloween.

We make an annual trip to the graveyard. Most often we bring offerings of biscuits and candies, it's an interactive way to get the kids into reading the names on the headstones. Gerald and I walk side by side, sometimes arms linked together and sometimes wander off in our own thoughtful directions. We talk about when we die where we want to be buried, what we want to happen with our remains, what we want written on our epitaphs... the kids too. Its a time for us as a family to face our fears about death and to embrace the inevitable part of our journeys.

The Grande Prairie Cemetary is more beautifyl than I percieved the many times I have driven by it. It is full of angels, fairies, flowers, and chimes. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining upon all the little faces. In one picture I even captured a rainbow beam of light!

Our main objective is to honor the dead, and to demystify the dark and forboding rumours of how scary the graveyard should be. We allow the children to run where they want. To go to where ever they are attracted to. They run back and report to us, how old this baby was or what that man did for a living, or that this wife is waiting for her husband to join her."Do you know why there is always a fence around a graveyard? Because people are always dieing to get in there."

The Graveyards' Yearly visit is something we all enjoy and look forward to... its a pre-lude to Nov.11th, Rememberance Day. I like to take the time to work on family trees with the girls so they can get a sense of how old their family is. It is our way of celebrating those that have gone before us, and our way of appreciating our time here together, for no one knows the hour nor the day.


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