monsters ducks and swans

How have we grown to be our own monsters? The dark dirty things that have grown under our beds and the sharp and deathly things that lurked in our closets... look at us, how we've become them... those monsters! Those demons of our imagination that made us freeze, doubt and second guess our selves into unsafe situations. Those beasts of self-denial, shame and guilt... how they kept buried in the pile of bones our belief. Reinforced monsters, watered and fed by dysfunction, abuse and neglect... we were the children of a "Fall Out Generation of a Revolution"  Somewhere down the line, we bought the book and started beating ourselves with it ... until we could no longer justify our behavior.  We stood in line, waited in queue, bought the ticket, made the reservation... tomorrow I will be different. Tomorrow I will fight those Monsters and be free! Tomorrow I will believe!" And we make valiant attempts and great declarations, clear the calendars and create menus for the week and plug in the tread mill... but the chocolate always wins! and Self Defeat raises its ugly head and says... look at me, you look like me, I look like you... , you ugly duck. And the Monster eats you all up and nothing is left, not even hope. Then will you believe? When there is not even hope? You are not a duck!? There is no such things as Monsters! You ,beautiful human creation full of marvelous characteristics that makes you unique from everyone else, you are amazing.... you are a Swan!! Give leave to your demons and bid your Monsters Adieu, no time to wallow in the past or muck about in the mire, put on your dancing shoes and join me by the fire! Believe in Yourself Above All Else and Love every bit of what makes You You! The Good the Bad and the Ugly... its all beautiful!


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