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When consciousness returned it came first with the awareness of sound; a sound, a beep, keeping perfect pace slowly and growing louder. A gentle note that called him back into his skin, pulling him slowly from the ethereal place of nothingness, like a lighthouse light through the fog leading the way home, or hearing your name being called from far away in the darkness, familiarity was tugging at his memory. Then another sound, a tick tock joined the stream of fluid noise flowing in and out of him, making him aware of time passing and with the next wave of awareness came full body alertness as if waking from anesthetic; he became aware of his dimensions. His extremities tingled with validation; the hairs in his nostrils tickled upon exhale, he felt heavy. His thoughts found words and informed him “My eyes are closed!”  In response, the brain said, “Let there be light!” and the light came just like that; at first warm and bright than hot and red, penetrating through his eyelids almost unbearable at first, he drew back to allow himself some measure. His vision expanded inward  beyond the  labyrinth of blood vessels, fractals patterning in forms of ever expanding tunnels collapsing in on itself and then opening up again drawing him ever deeper ever inward through falling back to darkness and there he gasped for breath,  at the end of it all he saw the reflection of himself as he looked into the galaxy of his soul and the shapes began again to change, more like fireworks, explosive and dynamic, the splitting of atoms and the collision of cells. A beautiful pattern of multi colored fractions of light swirled and sent tingles down through his core. he could feel the pulse of his heart beating a rhythm for this inner dance of light as it pushed down through his body, rushing through every capillary, every cell awakening,  illuminating, electrifying, reviving every organ, every system until every part of him was awake. Nathaniel was very much awake, conscious and ready, he opened his eyes.


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