The Grieving Sadness

The sadness is heavy and painful
comparable to no one else's.
What your feeling is the weight of them upon your soul.
The impression they made upon you.
It is the truest measure of how greatly they were present for you,
of the experience of them in your life.
To this extent do we feel the pain of sadness.
But find peace in the heartache,
it is the end of experience, the final passage the souls make,
in the letting go there is a deep relief.
A beautiful acceptance in which we truly begin to see
how blessed we really were to have been so
impacted, so impressed, so inspired by their presence
in our story.
Relief turns to joy!
The completion of a time together has both joy and sorrow;
In the joy we realize our blessing, and in the sorrow
we mourn for not having had enough.
Our sadness is beautiful selfishness, a grieving so personal,
no one can explain. No one can compare. No one can change.
The mystery of life manifested without permission, found us un-ready,
and gave no reason for its interruption... for which we shall
always carry the sign upon us.
My tears are evidence of a heart that overflows with gratitude
not with sadness of loss but with a joy of gain.
for all of it, for everything, the good and the bad... it was a gift.


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