Pulling out of Old Skin: 2014 Year of Fulfillment

Somehow I intuitively knew it was not going to be a "good year" 2013 was going to be a year of change, big hard change, and my heart sank under the weight of such anticipation. Little did I know then what was ahead of us.
In May my beautiful grandmother died in my arms and everything changed... in June we sold our house and our time in Alberta came to its end, in August I started a course of solitary work and we moved back to our island home... alas, to no house. Our plans fell through and we found ourselves back at humble beginnings.
I got really sick and for three months I fought for my health and for our possessions the moving company had lost. I reclaimed my old cabin and painted it head to toe with fresh paint... Gerald ended a long term job in Saskatchewan that had kept him away for four weeks at a time for two years.... and the girls both started school on Salt Spring Is. catching a water taxi to and from.
They say that when you come to Galiano you crash... there is definitely a "landing period" of time where all the stress of 'urbanity' leaves your system and is replaced with island time; quietness and peace. I most definitely 'crashed' and its only when I moved our things back into my old home did I actually really begin the process of grieving... memories of Nan are everywhere.
So you can imagine how elated I was watching the fire works explode in the welcoming of 2014!! Never before have I felt such complete joy over a New Years Celebration!!  I donned my cougar faux fur and the biggest bottle of champagne and we headed down to the bay, walking in the middle of the street like teenagers in summer!!
I feel like I have been waiting for this year all my life!! 2014!! it even makes me smile when I say it!! This is the year of fulfillment!! Reaping the rewards of all that change... the other side of the tunnel!! I am actually feeling like I am "pulling out of old skin" February finds me feeling fresh, new and very optimistic. This is going to be a wonderful year!


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